A banking problem ? 


A bank in peril is not necessarily doomed ; simple ways out do exist without necessarily calling for public money. The undersigned has successfully carried out and finalized banks and finance companies restructuring missions in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Thaïland and Yemen.

Banking crises and restructuring strategies



A bank facing serious financial difficulties stemming mainly from non performing loans or eccentric derivatives should not be calling for government rescue.
With common sense and integrity, such difficulties could be overcome.
A primary role should be played by "bank restructuring" workouts which could avoid that tax payers carry the final financial burden of bank's own mistakes.


Even in the case of a disastrous finacial state of affaires, a bank should not call for public money.

The more so, that these finacial difficulties, more than often, stemm from the bank itself.

Indeed the 2008 banking crisis was the result of : 

   1- an unacceptable volume of Non Performing Loans (NPL), 

   2- an unresonable amount of finacial intruments/derivative whose complexities were totally extravagant.

Regrettably both risks where not sufficentely provisioned.

With the implementation of Banks' restructuring missions such unpalatable outcomes cold be avoided.

A the end the tax payer would not be called upon to pay for mistakes which are not his/her.

A-Current situation

In the past banks' responsibilities were to assist companies and individuals to grow into given economic environments.
A couple of decades ago a strong drift from "actual economic considerations" to "virtual operations" has been witnessed : "the surge of derivatives / financial instruments" hence the popping up of continuous banking crises.


    1. External
        1. Growing trend of virtual financings through risky financial instruments instead of actual economical financings.
        2. Non implementation of existing banking regulations and lack of proper action by the controlling authorities themselves.
        3. External auditors' failings and in some cases their readinesses "to oblige Management".
        4. The current fashionable concept of "global banking" which presumes that today's bankers are experts in all fields, which is totally unrealistic.
        5. The "too big to fail" concept which ensures defaulting banks with an automatic support from governments.
        6. A non functioning judiciary which does not condemn banks' culprits, contrary to the provisions of the law.
    1. Internal
        1. Misleading accounting practices whose main purposes is to show unrealistic end results in order to boost banks' quotations in the finance markets.
        2. Poor performances of banks' control units, more particularly credit and derivativewise.
        3. Obvious lack of provisions for bad credits and extravagant derivatives.
        4. Excessive size of the derivatives' volumes when compared to the credit ones.
        5. Use of multiple accounting tricks : "titrisation, credit enhancements, R.W.A ..." with the sole purpose of hiding bad credits in order to avoid their required provisionning.

C-Misleading tags

In order not to mention the words "banking crisis" which have an unpalatable effect on citizens at large, political and economic leaders as well as economic affairs correspondents rather talk about :

  • the sovereing debt crisis,
  • the euro crisis, 
  • the economic recession,
  • deflation, ...

thus avoiding the true issue which is simply the banks' blatant weaknesses resulting from bad practices.

D-Wrong way out

It would be wrong to financially assist a country in a difficult situation, in order to help the bailing out of some banks in trouble.
Indeed, if the causes of troubles have not been thoroughly investigated nor corrected, the "after the fact" invested funds will be to no use :

"the same causes will end up with the same outcomes".



In order to achieve a bank's restructuring exercise with a satisfactory outcome, one has to respect some basic principles and be guided by an unquestionable expertise. 

A-Basic principles

  1. A true estimate of needs in provisions for credits, derivatives and other expected expenses.
  2. A true accounting of expenses and financial products leading to accurate year-end profits.
  3. Non payment of actual taxes, actual dividends, actual bonuses from inaccurate profits.
  4. Audit of all the bank's departments and implementation of all the necessary restructuring measures.
  5. Focusing on the credit activity and not any more on the derivatives' one.
  6. Implementation of training programmes for the bank's staff (all departments).

B-How could the undersigned assist with a bank's restructuring mission ?

  1. Personal abilities :
    1. Objective analysis.
    2. Ability to resist internal and external pressures.
    3. Management expertise.
    4. Completion of initiated tasks.
    5. Capacity for training.
    6. Communication skills.
    7. Languages :
      - fluent : French, English, Spanish,
      - good : German.
  2. 2.Professional capabilities :
    1. Strong exposure to credit and operational problems.
    2. Completed audits of commercial banks and finance companies leading to proposals and implementation of all the necessary restructuring steps.
    3. Capabilities of implementing new organizational strategies whenever necessary.
    4. Successful restructurings of commercial banks and finance companies in several countries.

C-Professional exposures

  1. Asmara, Eritrea, 01-2003/04-2003, (World Bank mission), conversion of an investment bank into a commercial bank.
  2. Yemen, Sana'a : restructuring of the largest public bank, Yemen for Reconstruction and Development, YBRD (World Bank mission):
    - restructuring of all the bank's departments with a special focus on the Credit Department ;
    at the end of the mission a substantial decrease in bad loans and a considerable increase in their relevant provisions had been achieved.
  3. Thailand, Bangkok : Central Bank of Thailand (World Bank mission)
    Audit of 10 finance companies to enable the Governor of the Bank of Thailand to come to a decision for each of the audited companies :
     i) closing down, ii) increase of capital, iii) carry on with the necessary changes.
  4. Republic of Congo, Brazzaville, closing down of a development bank (World Bank mission).
  5. Antananarivo, Madagascar, (World Bank mission), analysis of the Malagasy banking system.
  6. Algeria, Algiers, setting up a finance company whose role was to act as a go-between for ten state companies and their relevant banks (UNIDO project) ; at the end of the mission the finance company was operational.
  7. Paris, International Bank for West Africa, General Controller.
  8. Ivory Coast, Abidjan, General Manager of IBWA Ivory Coast.
  9. Nigeria, Lagos, IBWA : to begin with Executive Director Branches; later, Executive Director Finance.
  10. Venezuela, Caracas, Bank of America, responsible for the follow up of ten state companies.
  11. London, Bank of America Regional Office for Europe, Middle East and Africa, in charge of analysing credit applications coming from Germany, Austria and the representative office for European Eastern countries.
  12. Martinique, French West Indies, Bank of America, Fort de France : Branch Deputy Manager.
  13. Paris, Bank of America, participation in the inception of a film finance desk.


Master in Business Administration, École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris  (ESCP-EAP).

Bachelor in Private law, honours, (Paris Law University).

Master in Business Law (Paris Law University).

Advanced Management Programme (Harvard Business School).


1- I am willing to offer my expertise to governments which have decided to embark upon banks or banking systems restructuring exercises.

2- Training to be provided to commercial banks' Officiers.


In order to successfully carry out such assignment, full support from the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the considered country will be necessary.


Raymond Biré, bank's restructuring consultant

cell phone : +33 6 44 78 30 54

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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